Five reasons why your clients should consider comprehensive health insurance

Greater choice
Your clients choose who they receive treatment from, and alongside their GP or specialist, they decide where and when. Having access to more options helps reduce uncertainty and enables them to make plans to minimise related disruptions caused in their lives.
Less waiting, less worry
It is not uncommon to spend months waiting in the public health system before receiving treatment. While your client is waiting, their health may deteriorate further, and secondary issues could develop. Access to private healthcare, afforded through health insurance, can significantly reduce waiting times, creating greater peace of mind.
Less time off work, less lost income
Poor health could require needing to take time off work to recover. This could result in lost income for your client, as well as any of their family members who may need to support them. Furthermore, without private health insurance, they may have to cover the cost of private treatment themselves, creating additional financial burden.
Access to leading edge treatments
Health practices and treatments are advancing rapidly. Private health insurance can give your clients access to treatments that they may not have otherwise been able to afford.
Preventative care
Prevention is better than dealing with illness and discomfort. With the nib Proactive Health Option, it’s easier for your clients to stay healthy, and to enjoy life and all the things they have worked hard for. They’ll be covered for screening, such as breast screening, prostate screening, heart screening and mole mapping, allergy testing and vaccinations, gym memberships, weight loss management programmes, quit smoking programmes and routine health checks.
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